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About the Erme Clinic

The purpose of the Erme Clinic is to treat skin lesions that are not serious, but just a nuisance or unsightly and can easily be removed by a simple, quick operation under local anaesthetic. The local anaesthetic is very similar to the sort you would have at the dentist. Also the purpose of the Erme Clinic is to offer facial treatments to rejuvenate the skin and remove wrinkles and put back lost voume in the face.

These treatments are worthwhile as the improved facial appearance restores self -confidence and actually makes patients feel better about themselves. Dr Elsey is assisted by fully trained nurses who are experienced in theatre and dermatology. Each patient’s particular problem and their general health is assessed individually and for that reason the prices included here are only a guide. It is better to plan some cosmetic operations treatments at least 2 weeks before any important event or foreign travel. Dr Elsey will advice you precisely when she assesses your problem. For other treatments, such as fillers it is also wise to observe this precaution. Cosmetic surgical operations are not generally available under the NHS, and non- surgical cosmetic treatments are not available under the NHS. If Dr Elsey consults a patient whose condition may be eligible for treatment under the NHS she will inform them

About Dr Alison Elsey

Over many years I have developed a special expertise and experience in Dermatology.It is true to say Dermatology has become a passion for me, both dealing with serious conditions and cosmetic problems.I am continually updating my skills and a lot of my Continuing Professional Development is in the sphere of Dermatology.

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About Dr Rosalind Mole

Dr Rosalind Mole BMBS MRCS MRCGP is a highly skilled GP and dermatology specialty doctor serving the Plymouth community. With memberships to both the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr Mole brings a wealth of expertise to her practice.

Her medical journey began in the South West, followed by foundation training at Derriford Hospital. She then pursued Core Surgical Training in Salisbury and Dorchester, focusing on Plastic Surgery, before returning to Plymouth as a Plastic Surgery registrar. Dr. Mole’s training extends globally, with medical electives in London, South Africa, and microsurgical training in India.

While her background encompasses various surgical disciplines including general, breast, ENT, and orthopaedic surgery, Dr Mole transitioned to a career in general practice to achieve a better work-life balance while continuing to provide surgical skin cancer care and general dermatology services. Her meticulous attention to detail, honed through her surgical experience, ensures optimal cosmetic outcomes with minimal scarring.

Dr Mole’s compassionate and approachable demeanour fosters trust and comfort among her patients, establishing strong doctor-patient relationships essential for comprehensive care. Whether addressing skin cancer cases requiring reconstruction or cosmetic skin surgery, Dr Mole’s dedication to perfection and patient satisfaction shines through in every procedure

Dr Rosalind Mole
Dr Rosalind Mole

Why see a doctor for non-surgical cosmetic treatments?

It is important to see a Doctor who specialises in Cosmetic Dermatology and has further training in Dermatology to be assured of in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology , correct medical procedures, risks and limitations. British College of Aesthetic Medicine exists to advance safe and ethical aesthetic medicine to the benefit of medical practitioners and members of the public. We will endeavour to provide open access to information so that patients can easily source appropriately trained and experienced doctors. Our aim is to represent aesthetic medical practitoners in a unified manner, to maintain standards and practice ethics in aesthetic medicine.

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Erme Clinic
Unit 11, Drake Mill Business Park,
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All work is compliant with NICE guidelines. It is our policy to refer any problems that can or should be treated on the NHS back to your GP. Dr Elsey offers all these treatments personally.

Details on this website are provided for information purposes only. Opinions voiced reflect Dr Elsey’s current practice which is subject to change at anytime.