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Torn Ear Lobe / Flesh Tunnels Repair

Have you got an unsightly hole or tear in your ear lobe or elsewhere ?

Perhaps you had a very large earring or piercing earlier in your life that you dislike now. A common scenario is that once the body has made a tunnel or channel it becomes permanent and will not heal over.

If this is your problem and you would like the hole closed do consult Dr Harker who will advise what is possible depending on your case.

The more the ear lobe is stretched the more complex it is to repair and achieve a natural look.

For a more accurate estimate please contact  Dr Harker at the Erme Skin Clinic. A photo would be useful so that she can advise you if she is able to help you and the cost.

Affordable repairs from £400

All work is compliant with NICE guidelines. It is our policy to refer any problems that can or should be treated on the NHS back to your GP. Dr Harker offers all these treatments personally.

Details on this website are provided for information purposes only. Opinions voiced reflect Dr Harker’s current practice which is subject to change at anytime.

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