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Most people have something about their body they dislike and often find these problems embarrassing.

Warts, skin tags, cysts and cosmetic moles can be unsightly and just in the places where you don’t want them! Before people would often just put up with unsightly skin lesions but not now in the new millennium; now that it’s commonly known you can have these pesky items removed easily.

Men and women are prone to have skin tags in the groins and armpits and these can be embarrassing on holiday or in swimwear. Also they can be uncomfortable in hot sweaty weather and spoil intimate relationships.

Skin tags around the neck can catch on your necklace or spoil the look of your dress or outfit particularly in the summer. Lots of people have warty moles (keratoses) on the back that make wearing a swimming costume embarrassing.

Some people have cysts on their scalps that protrude and are annoying and visible unless your hair is very thick. Some people find cosmetic moles on their face in a highly visible place such as nose or chin embarrassing.

Dr Harker has many years of experience and can advise you about removal of such problems. She will carefully examine you and check your health and advise if removal is possible/advisable and what the procedure will entail exactly. Any worrisome or serious lesions will be referred back to your own GP for onward referral to the hospital .You will only have to be brave for a few seconds while the area is numbed off; after that you won’t experience any pain. The instructions for aftercare will be carefully explained to you.

People also find frown lines between the brows, “sad lines” around the mouth, and vertical lines above the lips depressing and demoralising. Dr Harker can improve these problems for you safely and with the minimum of discomfort.

The prices are affordable and far more reasonable than at a private hospital.

Contact the Erme Clinic on 075 302 544 05 or info@ermeclinic.co.uk to make an appointment.Visit the website at www.ermeclinic.co.uk.

All work is compliant with NICE guidelines. It is our policy to refer any problems that can or should be treated on the NHS back to your GP. Dr Harker offers all these treatments personally.

Details on this website are provided for information purposes only. Opinions voiced reflect Dr Harker’s current practice which is subject to change at anytime.

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