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Celebrities such as Gillian Taylforth, Meg Ryan and Andrea Turner have come out and said that they have had the Silhouette Soft thread lift and are thrilled with it!

These ladies have graced our TV screens over the years but are now in their late 50’s and  not enjoying the effects that this extra experience and wisdom was having on their faces!

They had saggy jawline and jowls and felt they were losing their looks.

The Silhouette Soft thread lift came to the rescue and without the risks and downtime of plastic surgery has rejuvenated them.

This has caused a ripple effect like throwing a stone into a pond and lots of others want it too!

Sinclair, the American manufacturers, only allow doctors who have received the specialised training to order the Silhouette Soft threads. Frequently this procedure is performed in Harley Street, London. Dr Harker went to Harley Street to receive her training and is one of the few in the South West who perform this procedure. To find out more visit the website:-

www.ermeclinic.co.uk  ,watch the video of Gillian Taylforth having it done and phone for a call back on 01752 922021 or mobile 07 53 02 54 405

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