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Celebrities such as Gillian Taylforth, Meg Ryan and Andrea Turner have come out and said that they have had the Silhouette Soft thread lift and are thrilled with it! These ladies have graced our TV screens over the years but are now in their late 50’s and  not enjoying the effects that this extra experience…

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Do you feel your lower face is becoming jowly? Your appearance is spoilt by a drooping jaw line? Many men and women over 40 feel this applies to them, but now, you can easily do something about it: – with a thread lift! The Silhouette Soft thread lift is becoming an outstanding success and is…

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Threads Non – Surgical Face Life

Silhouette Threads Dr Ruth Harker offers thread face lifts at the Erme Clinic. This technique is now well established and Dr Harker uses Silhouette Soft threads, the top of the market product with terrific results. The thread technique is aimed for the more mature woman where the lower part of the face the jaw-line and…

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“STAINS” ON CHEEKS AND TEMPLES- easy, affordable treatment

As we grow older, unfortunately for most of us, unless we have naturally very dark skin, are prone to develop dark marks on our cheeks in front of the ears and on the temples. This is where the ultra-violet rays strike the face year in, year out, against the underlying bony prominences. The marks are…

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All work is compliant with NICE guidelines. It is our policy to refer any problems that can or should be treated on the NHS back to your GP. Dr Harker offers all these treatments personally.

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